Nisaki Bookstrore – Konstantina Nick. Kouros has entered into an agreement with Piraeus Bank for the use of its system and the ePOS Paycenter service in order to ensure the maximum possible level of security in your credit card transactions.

The customer completes his purchases in our e-shop
Starting the payment process, it automatically goes (redirect) to the special payment page of Piraeus Paycenter. There he is informed about the amount of his debt and enters his card details
The payment is processed with absolute security by the ePOS Paycenter, which automatically informs our e-shop about the transaction
The customer is informed about the completion of his transaction by our e-shop
Upon completion of the transaction, the customer returns to our e-shop

Therefore, our bookstore does not hold any card details used during payment.

We would also like to know that: Piraeus Bank uses one of the most modern security standards in the world, having integrated the SHA-2 encryption algorithm in the digital certificates of its websites. Therefore, in order to make a transaction using a card, it is recommended that you have the latest versions of the browsers you are using (Chrome, Mozilla, etc.) and the operating system of your mobile device (Android, Apple OS) installed.